DVD Presentations


Attendance is not required for all presentations, select those of interest. All are welcome and there is no charge. Refreshments follow (unless long presentation).

29th February. ‘What you aren’t being told about Astronomy.’ Vol.1. ‘Our Created Solar System’ (110 mins), hosted by Spike Psarris.


7th March. ‘What you aren’t being told about Astronomy.’ Vol.2. ‘Our Created Stars and Galaxies’ (63 mins). Hosted by Spike Psarris.

ALSO an additional feature exploring the Light Travel Time Problem & the Big Bang. With Danny Faulkner PhD. (From ‘Beyond Is Genesis History?’ Vol.3 ‘Bible & Stars’ (21 mins)


14th March. ‘Life’s Story’ (56 mins).

 ALSOBut Monkeys Don’t Cry’ with John Mackay (28 mins)


21st March. ‘Noah’s Flood.’ Dr Terry Mortenson.


28th March. ‘Science Confirms the Bible’ with Ken Ham. (60 mins).

ALSO an additional feature identifying the tower of Babel (23 mins). With Doug Petrovich, PhD-Archaeologist. (From ‘Beyond Is Genesis History?’ Vol.3.)    


4th April. ‘Darwin’s Deadly Legacy’ with D. James Kennedy. PhD. (60 mins)

ALSO ‘The Transgender Agenda.’ (25 mins).