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DVD Presentations


We are showing a series of films and documentaries on Saturday mornings 22/10-17/12 at Angmering Baptist Church exploring questions that matter. Each feature starts prompt at 10.00am. Entry, and refreshments that follow the feature are free of charge. All are welcome.

No question is more fundamental than how we came to be- our origins. It is foundational for everything else, having repercussions for our understanding of identity, sexuality, ethics, suffering, purpose, how we relate to others, salvation for our condition and what happens to us after death.

The ruling evolutionary paradigm is promoted as never before, even Primary School children are now indoctrinated with teaching like 'Animals, including us' from the National Curriculum.

However, the laws of Science show us this paradigm is now bankrupt. The undreamed of complexity in all living things, unknown to Darwin, defy the hoped for self-organisation of matter from nothing to everything. Established 'missing links' in the fossil record, and DNA genetic research demonstrating how one kind of creature cannot become another kind of creature, renders 'goo to you' evolution untenable. However in every respect Science does fit with the creation- corruption- catastrophe paradigm described in the early chapters of Genesis. 

“This is what the Lord says...It is I who made the earth and created mankind upon it" (Isaiah 45:12) and "the word of the Lord is right and true, he is faithful in all he does" (Psalm 33:4). That is the only foundation to build on when it comes to understanding origins...and for everything else.

22/10. “Is Fame and Fortune Enough?” The untold story of actor Steve McQueen’s redemption filled final chapters (Film. 12+, 1hr 19 mins)

29/10. “Is Genesis History?” Part 1. Douglas Kelly, PhD theologian, explores the history of the Church on Creation & Evolution, the importance of the doctrine of Creation and the Genre & Theology of Genesis. (Doc. 1hr 15mins).

5/11. “What Evidence is there for a Worldwide Flood?” Dr Terry Mortenson examines geological evidence for a global, catastrophic flood as the Bible describes. Layers of fossils were buried quickly rather than formed over millions of years. He also examines the biblical description of Noah’s Ark and shows how it was fit for purpose. (Doc. 1hr 10mins).

12/11.”Dragons or Dinosaurs?” Dragons are mentioned in the Bible and dragon legends are worldwide. Recent discoveries of soft tissue in dinosaur bones reveal these creatures once existed with man. (Film. 12+, 1hr 15mins).

19/11. “Is Man Unique?” Professor Stuart Burgess illustrates how we have not evolved from apes but have been specially created. (Doc. 12+, 1hr).

26/11. “Is Genesis History?” Part 2. An excellent and highly visual overview. Experts present evidence in support of special creation to the detriment of evolution from all the scientific disciplines. DNA research in Biology, for example, has found that although there are varieties of species within kinds (families) of animals, one kind of animal cannot change into another kind. This fits the teaching of Genesis. (Film. 1hr 44mins).

3/12. “What is the Social Impact of Darwinism?” Hosted by James Kennedy PhD, who draws on historians and educators in describing the deadly legacy of Darwinism- the destruction of those deemed ‘inferior’, the devaluing of human life and hopelessness. (Doc. 12+, 1hr).

10/12. “Sexuality. Who Decides?” Ken Ham compares our culture’s chaotic views of sexuality with God’s design rooted in Genesis. (Doc. 12+, 55mins).

17/12. “Jesus?” ‘The Miracle Maker’ is a stunning animation (combining 2D and 3D), wonderfully portraying Christ’s life as depicted in the Gospels. A film for all the family. (Film. PG, 1 hr 27mins).



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