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Biblical Evidences for God

The Bible Society’s Lumino Project is based on YouGov polling, which saw 20,000 people interviewed at the end of 2018 about their attitudes to Christianity and the Bible. This data has been analysed and the population accordingly mapped into 8 ‘personas’, from ‘Bible Loving’ people to ‘Bible Dismissive’ people, but crucially with a whole range in between (Bible Nostalgic, Bible Uncertain, Bible Conflicted, Bible Indifferent and Bible Infrequent). More than half of adults in England and Wales have a religious faith, but 49.45% said they had no religion. However many are ‘open to a conversation’, even more so since Coronavirus and lockdown; subsequent polling has revealed an increase in the pro- Christian groupings and decrease in the opposing ones.

In order to facilitate such a conversation we at Angmering Baptist Church are presenting biblical evidences for God. These are rarely heard in a secular society, many people are ignorant of them.

So we have Emeritus Professor of Thermodynamics (Loughborough University), Colin Garner in person at ABC on Saturday the 16th October 2021 ‘Creation & Evolution. Why it matters what you believe.’ A major biblical evidence for God is Creation. Romans 1:20 states ‘For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.’ Professor Garner will demonstrate how evolutionary ideology is not only inconsistent with the Bible but also inconsistent with observable science. (10.00am-3.00pm finish. Three talks and a Q & A session. No cost. No booking, just come along. Please bring your own lunch).

For the rest of October, on Saturdays, we will look at some of the key evidences for Creation through DVD presentations. Promptly beginning at 10.00am:                                                                            PTO                                                                           

‘Life’s Story’ (23/10, 56 mins). A visually stunning wildlife documentary which presents evidence for design including an exploration of how much animals can change. DNA research has found that although there are varieties of species within kinds (families) of animals, one kind of animal cannot change into another kind. Neither has any such transitional fossil be found. This contradicts evolution but fits the teaching of Genesis.

‘Noah’s Flood. Washing away millions of years’ (30/10, 70 mins). Describes the dimensions of the ark as indicated in Genesis, its fitness for purpose and geological evidence for a global catastrophic flood. Layers of fossils were buried quickly rather than formed over millions of years.

‘Our Created Stars and Galaxies’ (6/11, 63 mins). Spike Psarris was previously an engineer in America’s military space programme. He entered that programme as an atheist and evolutionist. He left it as a creationist and a Christian. Discover evidence for design in the heavenly bodies. Recent discoveries contradict the naturalistic view of history and you’ll hear the words of secular astronomers as they admit their models fail to explain the contents of the Universe.

Many assume a naturalistic, evolutionary world view (the atheistic belief that only what is material exists). However the Bible highlights the reality of God’s work evidenced in Creation, in our moral awareness, and in the resurrection of Christ from the dead. None of these can be explained by an appeal to Nature alone. DVD presentations in November will focus on our moral awareness (though skewed by our ‘sinful nature’ and the evolutionary world view) and Christ as God come among us (December). DVD presentations continue up until 18th December. DVD presentations are followed by refreshments. All are welcome (No cost).

A list of titles for the November and December’s presentations will be made available nearer the time.

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