Current News and Past Services

Week Commencing Sunday 9th August
Encouragement Part 2 'Building the House'

Week commencing Sunday 2nd August
'To Come Alongside'

Week Commencing July 19th 2020
'The Great Taboo'

Week Commencing Sunday 28th June 2020
The Greatest Commandment. Love the Lord your God'

Week commencing Sunday 21st June 2020
'The parable of the Good Samaritan' . With appendix about our knowledge of Right and Wrong being evidence for God.

Week Commencing May 31st 2020
'Pentecost' Acts 2:1-21

Week Commencing Sunday 24th May 2020
Practising the presence of God 'Exodus 24;12-18

Week commencing May 3rd 2020
'The Glory and the Cost. Paul's thorn in the flesh' Corinthians 12:1-10

Week commencing Sunday 19th April 2020
'Do not be anxious about anything. pray and find peace'.Philippians 4 :1-7

Week beginning 29th March 2020
'God and Viruses' (Article updated and refreshed)